Client Services

Working in honest collaboration, we help leaders become stronger at understanding themselves, their environment, and a leadership strategy – so they can better understand and influence the natural human behavior they see in others. Along the way, we make the process creative and energizing. Our participants say they experience more optimism – and surprisingly, more fun – than they ever imagined.

Our service offerings include:
  • Executive Coaching – In a 6-12 month engagement, executives participate in the art of reflection with a trustworthy guide who builds and synthesizes a coherent, systematic framework for carrying out their responsibilities
  • Building Organizational Culture – Portara combines facilitation, consultation and process to give teams a structure for working smoothly and authentically as they grow into their highest forms
  • Unleashing Passion for the Work - Deepening the individual’s awareness of their thinking and learning processes, Portara helps executives tap into their own passion and that of people they lead
As appropriate and based on participant preference, services are provided within the executive’s business environment or at the Portara Consulting practice.

List of Questions

The Dynamics of Power and Competition

Team behavior can be negatively affected when power and competition activate individuals’ underlying traits and tendencies. Karen Foster has a deep understanding of this challenge, and knows from experience that it can be alleviated when people have a greater awareness of how self-interested behaviors are affecting interpersonal relationships, individual careers, and organizational success. Karen helps executives gain this wisdom by guiding them through reflective explorations of matters involving power, control, and competition.
  • Is there covert competition among some team members?
  • Is it overt?
  • Are you doing overt or covert action in order to get what you need?
  • Is there conflict between some of the team members?
  • What different styles of competing are present?
  • What have been the outcomes of these dynamics?
These are not one-time explorations. As changes and challenges surface, Dr. Foster revisits the points to support ongoing performance improvements. The same process is repeated, as needed, to address other critical topics concerning leadership interactions.